Our Mission

Law Made Simple

Swiftlaw is an online firm that allows our clients to incorporate a business and register trademarks, among other things by filling out one form on our website.

The Swiftlaw process has been created and optimized by a dedicated team of lawyers, laymen and software engineers.

The result is a simpler, cheaper and hassle-free way to do business in Ghana.

At the core, Swiftlaw's only value is making the law simpler for you.

Our Story

Why We Started SwiftLaw

As newly qualified lawyers my best friend and I who had returned to the motherland, our mission was simple; Change Commercial Legal Practice in Ghana forever (while of course making bucket loads of money for ourselves in just under two years).

We were quickly welcomed to the realities of doing business and legal practice here .We encountered a terrain which required a bit more patience than we had expected, a thick insulation against frustration and the ability to mentally extend the timelines given us (by others) for delivery of work and still be of good cheer for their inevitable failure to meet those extended deadlines.

Then one day it dawned on us.

"Wouldn’t it be easier to take one bite-sized aspect of commercial legal practice such as incorporating a company and simplify that?"

And hence Swiftlaw was born as an idea of how to do one thing, more efficiently.

Changing commercial
legal practice...